Guitar Chords and Tabs

Guitar chords and tabs – for the musician in you dying to get out

We are glad you found us. Every aspiring musician wants to be able to learn and play songs quickly. We have all been there. You buy the gear, you sit down to begin, you open the book that came with your purchase and all that is there is a black and white book with someone’s drawn hand, illustrating the index finger is #1, middle finger is #2 and so on.

Guitar chords and tabsThen you turn the page and jump into the first pictures of a guitar chords. “First finger to the first fret, second string. Second finger to the second fret, fourth string. Third finger to the third fret, fifth string. Now strum…..You have just completed a C chord”

Great, you have just went through a milestone that 99% of us have went through. More than likely, you will continue onto the F chord, the G chord and ultimately wind up with a thick E power guitar chord.

But at some point you are going to have a desire to play something other than Humpty Dumpty nursery rhymes and that is where we come in.

Grab some guitar chords and tabs to really pick up your pace.

Learn from user submitted songs and their guitar chords and tabs which designed to teach you to play the songs you really enjoy. If you are really feeling the need to learn quick, you may even be interested in using a visual software like Table Rock Sound which can literally take the tablature of your choice and convert it into a playable file that will take you step by step through the song for a one time price of $30!!

Nothing though will take the place of practice, but there are many ways to dramatically shorten the time between mediocre and magnificent. With technology at your every beck and call, nothing can hold you back from being a phenomenal guitarist in no time flat.

When I began to play, we didn’t even have guitar chords and tabs to learn with – our tutor was LP33’s!!!Guitar chords and tabs

Imagine how redundant that must have been.

  • Start up the turntable – select album
  • Drop the pickup arm to where you think the part of the song you want to learn should be +/- 20 seconds
  • Try to keep up with the standard speed of the song as the synchronizer would only slow the song down by about 1 or 2 percent.
  • Repeat
  • Repeat
  • Repeat….

You get the idea I think.

But now you can download a file, upload it to Table Rock Sound, open it and begin learning it in less than 2 minutes. Better than guitar chords and tabs because you are both seeing and hearing the material at the same time. If it goes too fast, slow it down. Want to concentrate on the lead guitar solo? You can loop the solo endlessly. Want to try your hand at the rhythm guitar, switch the view to rhythm – simple as that. Much easier than black and white guitar chords and tabs.

Still, if the $30 is too daunting, you can always stay with the standard guitar chords and tabs you will find here. Didn’t find the guitar chords or tab you were looking for, request it in the user forum and see if someone can’t help you out. Whether it is with software or printed guitar chords and tabs, we will get you playing one way or another. And remember this – once you master it, help someone else out by submitting your own guitar chords and tabs.